How I Stay Hydrated

While hydration usually comes up in the mid-summer months when drinking water helps us stay cool; hydration is actually a year-round thing and should be a priority even as we head into fall! You’ll see different recommendations depending on where you look, but a general rule I follow is to drink between half an ounce to an ounce of water per pound that you weigh. That’s a lot of water, right?!

Without getting into the benefits of drinking water – because we all KNOW that we should drink it – here are a few of the tricks I do every day to ensure I keep my hydration up:

Lemon Water. One of the first things I do each morning is pour myself 24oz. of water and squeeze in half a lemon. This is the first thing I have in the morning; before coffee, before food, before anything. Starting off the day with a big glass of water helps get your digestion going AND if you’re a coffee drinker like me – it helps to hydrate your body before you dehydrate it (the caffeine in coffee is a diuretic, meaning, it pulls water out of your body). Plus the lemon (besides tasting good) aids digestion, supplies vitamin C, and provides a little potassium boost.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. I learned this trick from a functional nutritionist that I worked with when I was trying to clear up some inflammation in my body. I add a shake or two (not too much or else it tastes like the ocean!) of sea salt into my water to help boost hydration. The salt is a mineral and it helps the body absorb water for optimal hydration, as well as helps the body stay hydrated for longer periods of time. I like to add sea salt to my water bottle when I’m working out and when I’m teaching yoga.

LMNT. Speaking of salt – these hydration packets are AMAZING. The two main components to healthful hydration are water and electrolytes. These packets contain the key electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, potassium) our bodies need without all the filler ingredients and sugar that sports drinks have. I like adding these to my water bottle during heavy workouts or when I know I’ll be outside for a large portion of the day – at the beach, on the boat, or even a long hike. I have tried several different types of hydration salts and these are a fan favorite in our home. Check out their website to learn more about hydrating with electrolytes – they are a wealth of knowledge! (Pro tip: I like it best when it’s a little bit diluted, so I use half a packet per 24oz. of water. You can do the same and then add more/less to your own taste.)

Chlorophyll Drops. I’ve talked about these before and for good reason! I love Philosophie’s Sunshine Drops which add a little hint of mint to the chlorophyll. I use these every single day to superpower my water. Studies have pointed to the multitude of benefits chlorophyll provides for the body which include: stimulation of the immune system, detoxification, and gut health. Chlorophyll also helps to eliminate harmful bacteria from the body, hydrates and nourishes the skin, AND helps boost energy. I add these drops to the second glass of water I have and usually drink it after I finish my morning coffee.

Proximity. Keep a glass or bottle of water with you at all times! I always have water with me. Whether I’m hanging out at home, running errands, or in full-on work mode, I always have a glass or bottle of water with me. And not only do I have it with me, but I also regularly drink from it. For me, drinking out of a straw ALWAYS makes me drink more (and faster). So I add stainless steel or glass straws to my mason jars and opt for water bottles with a straw feature. Hey…whatever works!

It can be tough to squeeze in every last drop of those recommended ounces on a daily basis, so I hope this has added some inspiration when it comes to your hydration. Cheers to drinking lots and lots of water, my friends! Let me know what works for you!

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