My Immune-Boosting Pre-Travel Hacks

I can’t be the only one who does everything in their power NOT to get sick while traveling. Call me crazy, but I want to ensure that I’m feeling my BEST when I’m out on adventures or exploring a new city. It’s not fool-proof because there are times I still get sick or catch a cold (case in point: this past Christmas where I spent the entire week of Christmas with a head and chest cold while visiting my in-laws in Florida) BUT it’s still worth a shot, right? And these fun little pre-travel rituals help set the mood and really build up the anticipation of an upcoming trip!

I start to implement these immune-boosting rituals the week before I travel (and some of them I even continue while on vacation):

Sleep. Good quality (and quantity of!) sleep is the foundation for everything else. Your body needs rest first and foremost before it can do anything else. Sleep is the time where your body is able to repair and restore itself. Prioritizing sleep is a game changer for all other areas of your life and will help keep your immune system up and running while exposing yourself to new and different environments. This one is a non-negotiable for me.

Hydrate. Hydration is another building block that helps boost immunity. If you need help getting all of those ounces in, check out this post.

Superfoods. I incorporate superfoods into my diet on a regular basis, but start to up the ante when a trip is near. Superfoods help optimize your body’s ability to function by supplying a megadose of nutrients that help ward off diseases and keep you healthy.

If you google the word “superfoods” – no doubt you’ll find a very LONG list of good-for-you foods. Below are some of my favorites!

Another easy way to get a nutrient boost is with superfood blends that combine a bunch of superfoods into easy-to-use products. My absolute favorite is the woman-owned Philosophie Superfood brand created by Sophie Jaffe. Her Berry Bliss blend and Berry Bee Honey are specifically formulated to provide an immune-boosting punch. I add Berry Bliss into my smoothies and drizzle the honey on my yogurt (AND I just eat it by the spoonful too!).

Immunity shooters. Maybe it’s just the novelty of “taking shots” (currently 27 weeks pregnant) because I CAN take these, but they’re fun and I like the kick at the end. (You either love it or you hate it…I get it). Just like the superfoods – these are high in vitamin C and give your body a quick dose of goodness to help prevent and fight off sickness. We tend to stock up on this brand when they have them in stock at Costco.

Essential oils. I have been a longtime user of dōTERRA’s On Guard proprietary immunity blend. It combines several essential oils that are known for their effects on the immune system. I like diffusing the On Guard oil throughout the house during the day and by my bedside when I sleep at night. I also roll On Guard Touch (their pre-made roller ball) on the bottoms of my feet each morning before I put on my socks and shoes.

No matter where your travels take you this year, I hope they find you happy, healthy, and full of joy. I’d love to know the pre-travel rituals that help boost your wellness and get you ready for the journey ahead. Let me know in the comments below!

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