Things I’m Lovin’ : January Edition

Cue The Sound of Music‘s “My Favorite Things,” please!

This is a monthly segment I’ve been wanting to write for a while now and I’m finally putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) In it, I’ll be sharing a few things that I’m loving in hopes to spark your curiosity and generally be a PSA (public service announcement) for things that might not show up on your radar. I put a lot of ground work and personal research into the products I use and buy and the things that we do – so I’m hoping this takes some of the guess work out for you and inspires you to try something new!

1000 Hours Outside. I learned about this concept from my friend, Leah, and I’ve seen her model it with her two young girls. The idea is that in a years time, you spend 1,000 hours outside. It’s an attempt to match nature time with screen time. Research shows that the simple act of playing outside offers the most developmental and health benefits for children (and it’s good for adults too!) How many days go by where the only time you’re outside is when you travel from one place to the next? (Guilty!) There’s no doubt that this can seriously affect moods and levels of happiness!

(Not so) fun fact: The average American kid watches 1200 hours of television every year (and I bet the hours for adults are even greater!) If we spend this much time watching television (or staring at our phones), surely we can match it doing activities outside, right? One of my intentions for 2022 is to spend more time outside and in nature. I know that even if I fall short of the 1,000 hours, the intentional time that I DID spend outside will be well worth it. Check out the following links for more info:

1000 Hours Outside website

1000 Hours Outside Instagram handle

(Pro Tip: I downloaded their app to help me keep track of outside hours, but you can also find free downloadable sheets on their website that can be colored in as hours are completed.)

“Whatever shape nature takes, it offers each child an older, larger world separate from parents. Unlike television, nature does not steal time; it amplifies it.

–Richard Louv, The Last Child in the Woods

World of Winter. In our effort to spend more time outside, Craig and I stumbled upon Grand Rapids’ annual World of Winter Festival. The city offers an incredible (FREE) opportunity to experience the cold weather season in a fun and creative way. The installations are up until March 6th, so if you are local to Grand Rapids, Michigan or are planning a trip to visit this quarter, this is a must-do! Check out the website (linked above) for more information.

Pro Tip: Visit at night so you can fully experience the light installations. Be sure to bundle up and pack some hot chocolate to keep you warm!

Craig created this amazing video from our day of exploration!

Silk Pillowcase. Seriously, where has this been my whole life?! I’ve seen them, read about them, and have been curious about them for a while now, but just never fully committed to investing in one. My amazing mother-in-law gifted me one for Christmas and I LOVE IT. I am a side-sleeper and with traditional cotton pillowcases, I wake up with lines all over my face (that sometimes take an hour or two to disappear).

Besides being incredibly luxurious, silk pillowcases protect skin and hair from friction (no lines on my face!) and – I SWEAR – I’m waking up looking more rested. It’s easy to wash and I love the fabric!

This is the one my MIL gifted me (from brooklinen). The print is perfect for my moon-loving self!

If you’ve been curious about silk pillowcases – don’t wait; get one. You’ll love it. I promise.

What have you discovered this month? I’d love to know what products and services you can’t get enough of. Please share with me in the comments below!

One thought on “Things I’m Lovin’ : January Edition

  1. I have discovered that I can live without having to get on the scales everyday. What a freeing gift. I don’t plan my meals because of the number on the scales. I don’t have a mood change because of the number on the scales. After all, it is just a number. I may never ask my son where he hid my scales.


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