2021 Reflections

For people like us, every day is a freakin’ gift. 

After a month of being away from home – it took a hot minute to feel grounded and ready to process all of what 2021 brought…(and to set intentions for 2022). 

2021 was a year of receiving for me. I received a lot of really big gifts from the universe – gifts that are products of self work and self love that started years ago. Work that required a lot of alone time, a lot of processing, and a lot of going really deep into the murky parts of who I am and why I’m that way. It required me to peel back layers and instead of hardening (which is/was my natural response), I actually had to soften in order to reap the benefits. In 2021 I listened to my body. I got really quiet and I listened to what it was telling me. I made changes that allowed me to follow my joy more. I stopped trying to validate and explain my choices to other people. And I tried to not get so caught up in the HOW or the WHY and learned to simply DO. I’ve learned that even the smallest step in the “right” direction is better than no action at all – because it’s never really going to be the “perfect time” anyway. I’ve learned that if it sets my soul on fire – then that is reason enough. 

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Søren kierkegaard

Before stepping fully into the new year (hello 2022, I see you), I reflected on the amazing gifts that 2021 brought, and jotted down a few of my highlights:

  • I saved a freakin life. Like, I performed life-saving CPR on a man who’s heart completely stopped. I won two awards because of this. One from the American Red Cross and one from our local law enforcement.
  • I got engaged to the man of my dreams!
  • Bought a home with said man of my dreams and we moved in together!
  • I followed my passion and did my first round of Yoga Teacher Training with an incredible group of women. I learned so much about myself and stepped outside of my comfort zone in a really big way. (Hello imposter syndrome!)
  • I followed my gut and stepped down from the Director role at MVP – moving into a very part-time position within our co-working space: MVP Work-Space.
  • Traveled to Florida for big moments (March birthdays, our Engagement Party, Emilia’s first birthday party, The Ginn Girl Gang birthday party, Christmas and New Years!)
  • Vacationed in Traverse City exploring all that Michigan wine country had to offer.
  • Lots of live music – including a Michael Buble concert and seeing our friend, Robert, perform live!
  • Had a freakin fantastic time at my “PurrMaid Party” in New Smyrna Beach with the most ah-mazing group of women.
  • Honeymooned in Los Cabos.
  • Became members of Meijer Gardens and the Grand Rapids Public Museum – two places that we’re excited to support and adventure-to in the coming year!
  • Spent an entire month in Florida spending time with family and creating beautiful memories.

Every day is a gift if you let it be. Before you get too far into the new year – what is one of your favorite gifts/moments/highlights from this last year?? Let me know below. And if you haven’t had a chance to sit down and reflect yet, let this be your gentle reminder that it’s not too late. Who cares that we’re almost through January…you’re the one that’s writing the rules. 


6 thoughts on “2021 Reflections

  1. In 2020 I felt empty in all aspects of my life and the fact of seeing you, listening to you, and reading you. It changed my life completely, that is why my 2021 became a highlight of my life by being able to achieve peace of mind and find what I am really passionate about.

    Also, being able to bring my parents from Honduras to visit me and be proud of my growth in all aspects. By the way, thanks for the words you told my parents about me without you it wouldn’t be possible!

    Eternamente agradecido, tu hijo ツ


  2. My obvious gift was my son getting married to a wonderful lady (you) and the constant joy on his face. Oh, I know there will be tough times as well as the joy, but I am so happy there are now two. And the second is that I realized what a God given gift my husband is and without God’s good and perfect instructions on how to love him, that love was , at times, very difficult. But loving him has become worth it, it has become a joy and a gift in itself.
    I want to love him, I want to share my live with him and I want do for him. I know all those are reasons to get married, but after 30 years I needed a refresher course. And I found that and I am thankful I did.

    All I look forward to all 2022 has to offer!!!


  3. Such a great reflection on your year. It’s been an awesome one but I get the impression you continually make each year awesome. I am so happy for you!! Now I need to sit down and reflect on my 2021.


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