Marathon Training Week Six


This week I am prioritizing sleep. I didn’t log enough zzz’s last week and my body felt the repercussions – I was sore, irritable, and lacked motivation. I’m upping my sleep game by getting into bed a whole nine hours before I intend to get up. That means if I’m up at 5am, I’ll be in bed by 8pm…I plan to read a little bit of my book and have lights out by 8:30pm. Fingers crossed this does the trick! Below is my road map for training this week:

Sunday: Restorative Yoga (using the YogaGlo App)

Monday: Run (42 minutes: Run 4 min/Walk 2 min – repeat 7 times)

Tuesday: Strength Training

Wednesday: Cross-Training with Group Ride (cycling group fitness class at the gym –  it’s a low impact way to help build cardiovascular endurance)

Thursday: Run (45 minutes: Run 3 min/Walk 2 min – repeat 9 times)

Friday: Rest Day!

Saturday: Run (6 miles: Run 4 min/Walk 2 min – repeat continuously)

What does your training look like this week? I’d love to hear from you! xo

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