Wise Words Wednesday

I learned a very valuable lesson today from a client of mine.

She was expecting a package from the postal service and it never arrived. After two weeks past it’s expected due date, it finally showed up on her door step with an apology from the postman saying it was at the bottom of his bundle and he had simply overlooked it. This package was of great importance to my client and she had it in her mind to go to the post office the next day and complain to the manager about the poor service she had received.

Upon waking the next morning, she thought more about it and came to the conclusion that nothing good would come from her complaining. She would be yelling at someone who was not the cause of the situation and releasing that negativity would only bring her more negativity. Why put that stress & grief onto someone else? Instead, she bought a box of chocolates, took them to the post office and thanked the postal workers for their hard work and dedication.

A lot of times, I think we forget that we are in control of how we react to our circumstances and how we react can have a positive or negative outcome. Why spread more negativity? At the time, it might feel like the right thing to do and it would be a great release, but what good does it bring? None. Does it resolve the problem or just make matters worse? I’m really going to focus this week on how I react to the situations around me and try to ‘be the light.’ I’ll leave you with this brilliant quote I found on Pinterest:

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