Holy crap. I’m a married woman. For anyone reading this feeling like you’re not as “far along” in life as you want to be, let me also add in that I am a 36-year old bride. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that it all “REALLY HAPPENED” for me because for so long I didn’t think it was in the cards…perhaps more on that another time.

Why I’m really here today: I want to recap our whole wedding experience from bachelor(ette) parties to honeymoon and everything in between (in reverse order of course 🙃 because that’s how I roll) so here’s a little re-cap of our ah-mazing trip to Cabo San Lucas!

I got influenced by an influencer and found the Pueblo Bonito chain of hotels and resorts (located in Cabo San Lucas, a resort city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula) and instantly fell in love. It didn’t take much convincing on my part for Craig to book our stay at the adults only Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort. (It was a DREAM!)

We flew out to Cabo the day after our wedding, which also happened to be Halloween. Naturally, my costume choice was based on comfort since we would be traveling most of the day. I got these killer sequined joggers from Rent the Runway (<— use that link for a discount off your first month of membership!) and paired it with a white tee and a sequenced glove a la Michael Jackson style.

We arrived in Los Cabos via the Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) around 1:30pm thanks to the time change difference. Once we collected our bags, we took a 45-minute shuttle ride (courtesy of our resort) to our little slice of paradise.

We spent five days and four nights doing exactly nothing which was 100% by design. After planning an entire wedding (and Craig coming off a huge work event), we wanted minimal stress and minimal effort. So excuse us while we spent 100% of our time on the resort property 😉

Days consisted of coffee, breakfast, picking out a bikini and a spot by the pool. *Note that the beaches where we stayed are NOT swimmable. The surf is extremely rough and treacherous albeit beautiful to look at (and listen to)!

Lunch was outside by the pool before turning in for a nap. We showered and got ready for dinner in time to watch the sunset each night from our back patio before walking to one of the three restaurants on property.

Believe me when I say that copious amounts of tequila and champagne were had. The drink of choice for both of us was a Ranch Water – tequila, club soda, lime. YUM!

One of the highlights for me was being in Mexico on Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. The resort staff created their own unique ofrendas (or altars) to honor loved ones and important cultural figures from the community. I loved walking around and listening to all of their stories and gaining more insight on just what this day means to them. (Fun fact – Craig and I had a Día de los Muertos themed Welcome Party to kick off our wedding weekend – more on that in the coming weeks!)

Our little honeymoon getaway to Mexico was simply perfection. Cabo has been a destination on both of our Bucket Lists for years and I’m so glad we chose this special destination to celebrate our love. After months of planning one of the most exciting events of our lives, it was the respite that we both needed. We left connected, recharged, and excited for our future. Now let the REAL journey begin!

We’re already planning a trip back and this time we want to EXPLORE! Have you ever been to Cabo? What are your must-sees and must-dos? Let us know below!

4 thoughts on “Honeymoonin’

  1. What an amazing experience to share with the most amazing woman! So happy to continue our adventure stateside and revisit Cabo….hopefully soon 😀

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  2. I love this! It was am amazing 2 days celebrating you and Craig. Thank you for coming to us to be a part of this beautiful union. Let your beautiful journey begin! Bless you both and I simply adore you both.

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  3. What a fun and relaxing honeymoon! Loved reading all the details of your special week with your most special person! Can’t wait to see what adventures are to come! Love you both!

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