A Birthday Letter to Myself

This week I celebrated my 33rd trip around the sun and spent some time reflecting on how much I’ve changed and grown from the little newborn pictured above. I would be remiss without saying how much gratitude I feel towards my parents for bringing me into this world and for always loving me fiercely and unconditionally…

Dear 32,

I fell into you with a broken heart, a shaken sense of confidence, and a head full of doubt and uncertainty in what the future would hold. Most days I didn’t feel like myself. My sparkle -or- fire that usually lit up the sky – felt more like the warm glow from a front porch light that was just bright enough to get me home.

Through this uncomfortable year, I was unexpectedly given many gifts. I learned how to gracefully accept the things that were out of my control. I learned how to unconditionally love MYSELF. And, perhaps most importantly, I learned how to embrace and love myself through the tough feelings that I typically pushed away – anger, sadness, depression, disappointment, jealousy, and fear. I stopped putting unrealistic expectations on myself to be happy all the time and instead – embraced this darker side and loved myself through it. I learned how to practice understanding, patience, grace, and kindness with myself. I became more resilient.

Dearest 33,

I walk into you with arms wide open and palms raised; ready to receive everything you have for me. I know we just met, but I promise to SHOW UP daily as the best version of myself and to continually challenge those around me to do the same. I promise to give myself adequate rest each day so that I can reset, recharge, and prepare for what tomorrow holds. Lastly, I promise to continue to find and do the things that bring me joy. Because we both know that this is what it’s all about.

So much love to you,


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