A Walk in the Woods

If you’re walking in the woods and you forget to wear your FitBit…do the steps actually count?

This is a question I pondered out loud recently as friends and I embarked on a three mile hike through the Florida Greenway. I had a brief moment of discontent and panic when I realized moments after starting the trail that I forgot to put on my beloved fitness tracker. “Shoot,” I thought…”There goes my chance of getting 10,000 steps today.” I professed my disdain aloud and tried to brush it off as I put my full attention into what was going on around me:


The only thing that bothered me more than forgetting my fitness tracker was the fact that I was SO BOTHERED by forgetting it. The opportunity to disconnect from technology and the outside world are two of the reasons I love hiking in the woods. I realized that maybe this love of disconnecting should include detaching from my FitBit too. In the end (although I didn’t have proof) I still hit my 10,000 step goal…I did the work…and isn’t that the whole point anyway?

We (and by ‘we’, I really mean ‘I’) can get so caught up in capturing and tracking every detail of our lives that we often miss the big moments and the beauty that is all around us.

I think I’ll ponder this a bit more while hiking in the woods…sans FitBit. And I think you should too!

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